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Employees who can address their feedback, feel more comfortable and are more engaged.


Weekly Automated Surveys

  • Each week, employees respond (anonymously) to a survey.
  • Trindle Surveys have a 70% response rate and only take about 10 seconds to complete.
  • The questions are strategically divided into 5 categories: Feeling, Culture, Drivers, IQ and Learning & Development.
  • All survey questions are backed by science and approved by Trindle in association with Penn State University

Team Reports & Alerts

  • Reports are simple, easy to read and filled with helpful information.
  • Realtime visual data lets you track trends and spot issues early.
  • Sets off alerts when average happiness increases or decreases.
  • Measure what's going on in different teams, make real decisions based on real data.
  • Benchmark your data against other companies, branches and countries.
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Resources & Improvement

  • Receive alerts with the best recommendations and next steps.
  • Apply gamification to improve the respons.
  • Increase productivity for your teams. Reduce money spent on recruitment.
  • Use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to analyse sentiment and discover trends within your employees.
  • Connect Trindle with your HR system.


  • Trindle can be fully integrated with existing software within your organization.
  • No need to add another software system to your HR tech landscape.
  • Your employees can work the way they are used to do.
  • Have the Trindle insights and reports documented in your HRMS.

"Since running Trindle, we’ve seen a 31% increase in more productive teams, and even more in terms of interest."

Edwin Schaap, CEO Payper

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