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Happy and engaged employees
thanks to a fun and anonymous feedback loop

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What can you do with Trindle?

Know how your employees really feel

Receive honest feedback from your employees to help you proactively turn issues into conversations.

Reveal the real
issues that matter

Employees who can address their feedback, feel more comfortable and are more engaged.

Turn structured data
into insights

Structured analysis of the gathered data to understand strenghts, weaknesses and topics.

Listen, improve
and grow together

Make the right decision to improve employee satisfaction at the right time - continuously.

"Since running Trindle, we’ve seen a 31% increase in more productive teams, and even more in terms of interest."

Edwin Schaap, CEO Payper

HR empowered: How can HR contribute to business success?

All too often human resources is viewed as a necessary evil. Many business leaders regard it as a department designed to provide new employee orientation and take care of laborious paperwork — nothing more.

5 tips to keep your employees happy

The secret to keeping your employees engaged and productive isn’t a cash reward or another training – it’s making them truly happy on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

Invest in employee retention instead of recruitment

If we look at the biggest challenge for HR in 2019, it is undoubtedly the hunt for high quality staff. Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to find applicants with the right skills.

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